Field Results with DfA's Estrus Test Published

The field results of our collaboration with the University of Nairobi have been published in the “International Journal of Veterinary Science” (IJVS). 

Kelly Wilkister Nakami used DfA's device in the field to collect her results. Profs. Tsuma (University of Nairobi) and Odipo (University of Eldoret) also contributed to the work, with the assistance of our scientists Kendall Milkey, Michelle Wong and Matt Dickerson. 

The project was generously funded by the Gates Foundation, in collaboration with PATH.

Link to the paper (Open Access):

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Nakami WN, Tsuma VT, Milkey K, Dickerson M, Wong M, Mutembei HM, Muthee JK, Odipo O and Ngetich W, 2017. Lateral flow immunoassay for whole blood progesterone detection as a tool for assessment of reproductive status in cattle. Inter J Vet Sci, 6(1): 19-25. (©2017 IJVS. All rights reserved)