DFA was founded in 2007 by a group of scientists and entrepreneurs with a shared commitment to saving lives and alleviating disease in developing countries and other resource-poor settings through low-cost, innovative, practical diagnostic devices.

July 2015:   Awarded a Saving Lives at Birth grant for a new antenatal test

August 2014:   Nominated for a $250K seed grant through USAID to develop an equipment-     free, qualitative HIV test for infants that reduces the turnaround time for results from over one month to under an hour. 

August 2013:    First field demonstration of DFA's agriculture and livestock prototypes in Kenya. 

July 2013:   Awarded $2M Grand Challenges Exploration Phase II grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to continue development of the point-of-care micronutrient diagnostic in collaboration with MC10.

Nov. 2012:   Awarded $2.6M grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a novel diagnostic for the assessment of immunity status against tetanus and measles to support vaccination efforts.

October 2012:   Marcus Lovell Smith joined DFA as the new CEO and President

March 2012:   First field study of DFA's liver function test begins in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

November 2011:   Awarded a grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to develop a point-of-care, paper-based diagnostic for nucleic acid detection.

July 2011:   Awarded one of 19 Saving Lives at Birth Phase I grants from USAID for the development of screening diagnostics for at-risk pregnancies

February 2011:   UK Government and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation award Diagnostics For All $2.99 million to develop three new agricultural tests

January 2010:   Una Ryan joins DFA as CEO and President

July 2009:   Agreement signed with Harvard University giving DFA exclusive licensing rights for diagnostics technologies developed in the laboratories of George Whitesides

January 2009:   Establishes research and development laboratory in Cambridge, MA

November 2008:   Harvard University wins 5-year grant from the Gates Foundation, with DFA designated as subcontractor for the development of a Critical Organ Function Test for the liver

October 2008:   Martinez, Phillips, Whitesides publish article describing novel three-dimensional patterned-paper diagnostics in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

June 2008:   Patrick Beattie joins DFA as first full-time employee

May 2008:   DFA Business Plan Team Wins MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition, the competition’s first non-profit winner

April 2008:   DFA Business Plan Team Wins Harvard Business School 12th Annual Business Plan Contest

December 2007:   Incorporated in Delaware by Carmichael Roberts

January 2007:   Martinez, Phillips, Butte, and Whitesides publish the first paper describing the patterned-paper technology that would form the base of DFA's approach to low-cost diagnostics.