Message from Our CEO

Over a million lives per year could be saved if affordable medical diagnostics were available in the developing world. 

Did you know many HIV patients suffer complications and even death as a side effect of their antiretroviral medications?  A problem easily corrected if a simple diagnostic were available to monitor liver function.

Support our mission at Diagnostics For All to make affordable, efficient, transportable devices available to the most resource-poor populations.  DFA's devices are developed specifically for use in remote, medical outposts where there is little or no medical technology.

Your donation allows us to further develop the tests that monitor the health of patients suffering from tuberculosis, provide a patient's immediate nutritional well being, and determine the immunity status of a child from common, but preventable, diseases.  With your support, we will develop more ground-breaking diagnostics, for example, a test capable of detecting asymptomatic malaria, which is crucial in the eventual eradication of this disease.    

Diagnostics For All's vision requires intense research and development of these life-saving tools, so we ask you: please consider our mission and make a donation today.


Marcus Lovell Smith
President and CEO, Diagnostics For All