You can’t treat what you don’t know.

Over a million lives per year could be saved if affordable medical diagnostics were available in the developing world. At Diagnostics For All, we design and develop affordable and efficient devices available to the most resource-poor populations.  We are currently working on new tools to be used across the globe---make a donation today to help further our progress.

Too much of the developing world lacks the medical technology to monitor and address the burden of disease. We are creating the point-of-care diagnostics the world so badly needs: tests that monitor the liver function health of patients suffering from tuberculosis, examine nutritional well being, and assess immunity in children. In medicine, knowledge is power, and DFA's diagnostic tools can be a first step towards a healthier future. Treatment starts with a diagnosis.

Diagnostics For All's vision is to bring biotechnology and innovation to those who need them. We follow our diagnostic tools through research, design, and development—and out into the field.  Become a supporter of DFA and follow us on our mission to bring low-cost diagnostics to those in need around the world. 

Small tools for big change.



The DfA Team