Diagnostics For All’s (DFA) mission is to save lives and improve health in the developing world through pioneering technological innovation. Using our elegantly simple and low-cost patterned paper technology to create diagnostic devices, DFA strives to meet the needs of those living in resource-poor regions.


DFA was founded in 2007 by a group of scientists and entrepreneurs with a shared commitment to saving lives and alleviating disease in developing countries and other resource-poor settings through low-cost, innovative, practical diagnostic devices.


August 2014

Nominated for a $250K seed grant through USAID to develop an equipment-free, qualitative HIV test for infants that reduces the turnaround time for results from over one month to under an hour. 

August 2013

First field demonstration of DFA's agriculture and livestock prototypes in Kenya. 

July 2013

Awarded $2M Grand Challenges Exploration Phase II grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to continue development of the point-of-care micronutrient diagnostic in collaboration with MC10.

November 2012

Awarded $2.6M grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a novel diagnostic for the assessment of immunity status against tetanus and measles to support vaccination efforts.

October 2012

Marcus Lovell Smith joined DFA as the new CEO and President

March 2012

First field study of DFA's liver function test begins in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

November 2011


Awarded a grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to develop a point-of-care, paper-based diagnostic for nucleic acid detection.


July 2011


Awarded one of 19 Saving Lives at Birth Phase I grants from USAID for the development of screening diagnostics for at-risk pregnancies, co-funded by Grand Challenges Canada, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Bank, and the Norwegian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs.


February 2011


UK Government and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation award Diagnostics For All $2.99 million to develop three new agricultural tests


January 2010

Una Ryan joins DFA as CEO and President

July 2009


Agreement signed with Harvard University giving DFA exclusive licensing rights for diagnostics technologies developed in the laboratories of George Whitesides


January 2009


Establishes research and development laboratory in Cambridge, MA


November 2008


Harvard University wins 5-year grant from the Gates Foundation, with DFA designated as subcontractor for the development of a Critical Organ Function Test for the liver


October 2008

Martinez, Phillips, Whitesides publish article describing novel three-dimensional patterned-paper diagnostics in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

June 2008

Patrick Beattie joins DFA as first full-time employee

May 2008


DFA Business Plan Team Wins MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition, the competition’s first non-profit winner


April 2008


DFA Business Plan Team Wins Harvard Business School 12th Annual Business Plan Contest


December 2007


Incorporated in Delaware by Carmichael Roberts


January 2007

Martinez, Phillips, Butte, and Whitesides publish the first paper describing the patterned-paper technology that would form the base of DFA's approach to low-cost diagnostics.